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Hello Again.

Hi tumblr, its been a while.

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Seductive kitty

Seductive kitty

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I love my boyfriend.

I love my boyfriend.

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from Spirited Away

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i don’t want a boyfriend i just want multiple attractive boys to constantly give me attention

Break an expensive vase

kiss kiss fall in love

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And that’s the most frustrating thing about depression. It isn’t always something you can fight back against with hope. It isn’t even something — it’s nothing. And you can’t combat nothing. You can’t fill it up. You can’t cover it. It’s just there, pulling the meaning out of everything. That being the case, all the hopeful, proactive solutions start to sound completely insane in contrast to the scope of the problem.

It would be like having a bunch of dead fish, but no one around you will acknowledge that the fish are dead. Instead, they offer to help you look for the fish or try to help you figure out why they disappeared. 

You know when you read something that’s so accurate that you don’t know how to words?

So glad this was brought back.

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